Seaside Holiday Breaks

White sand beaches where you can enjoy a relaxed time surrended by the most beautiful scenario and sealife. Whether you are looking for a family fun time holiday or a quiet romantic break, you will discover that the Sardinia beaches are equipped to fit all your desires.

Coutryside Holiday Breaks

Do take the trouble to find these hidden communities tucked away along small roads in the mountains. Their wonder lies in the simplicity of these hillside towns amongst the most picturesque of the region including the coloured Orgosolo and Dorgali home to some of the best known natural monuments in the island.

Mountains Holiday Breaks

Do you want something really unique to tell your friends after a journey in Sardinia? Then, a visit to the National Park of Gennargentu and Orosei Gulf is what you need. Gennargentu National Park is truly exceptional in the inland, among miles of virgin rocks and coasts, pristine countryside and really friendly people. Are you curious enough? Come along and let these wild, untamed territories leave you in awe.